Presenting theClass of 2015

Ricardo Del HoyoElaine McNearneyTyler MoyerAmanda Avila RuizNoor SabaTracy SalernoDaures-StephensAshley Weaver

Extensive Academy Education and Training Program

The Kern Leaders Academy selects 8 community leaders each year to participate in this extensive education and training program, conducted by the Kern County Taxpayers Education Fund. Educational Training is held over nine weeks, with 72 hours of instruction.

  • The Academy teaches community leaders how to listen to constituents, with a clear understanding of how to seek endorsements, support, and reserve the right to make independent decisions.
  • Successful graduates will feel secure knowing they have the knowledge and vision to put their services forward as a community leader and eventually, an elected public official who is capable of offering creative solutions to the challenges facing Kern County.


Academy Topics Include:

  • Ethics, Leadership and Critical Thinking
  • Running  for Public Office
  • Giving Back to the Community
  • Education in Kern County
  • Kern County Agriculture & Water Issues
  • Healthcare
  • The Kegley Institute of Ethics
  • The Energy Capitol of California
  • Kern County Demographics and Economic Outlook
  • Government Finance 101
  • Civic Leadership
  • Local Government
  • Regional Issues
  • Regional Governance
  • California Issues
  • Tying It Together… Final Thoughts

The Project Vision

The Kern Leaders Academy is a cutting edge community leadership program, conducted by the Kern County Taxpayers Education Fund, whose purpose is to assist in the development of visionary community leaders who recognize that a healthy business climate is necessary for a strong economy, and a strong economy is necessary for a vibrant community. The Academy provides education and training to civic, professional and business leaders with outstanding leadership potential so that they may enter public service with the appropriate skills and vision to creatively address the challenges facing Kern County.

Latest News

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What is a community leader? Are you one? Community leaders take responsibility for the

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